Our Mission

Mission Statement

We, the members of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, are committed to enforcing state law and providing the finest public safety services to the people of Chatham County. Our mission is to protect the judiciary, execute orders of the courts, support our law enforcement partners and provide for the care, custody and control of legally incarcerated inmates. As representatives of the first Sheriff’s Office in Georgia we will execute these duties with professionalism, integrity, and compassion.

Duties of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office

It is the duty of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office to provide quality services as defined in the State Constitution through:

  • Operating the jail for the safety and security of the community while providing a safe, humane, and secure environment for both the staff and inmates;
  • Enforcing state laws in a fair and impartial manner;
  • Properly receiving and serving civil processes and subpoenas and order from the Probate, Magistrate, State, and Superior Courts;
  • Properly receiving and executing criminal warrants originating from the Recorder’s, Magistrate, State, and Superior Courts;
  • Providing for the safety of and security of the Superior, State, Magistrate, Recorder’s, and Juvenile Courts;
  • Serving the community by building a partnership with the community.