Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for the day to day operations of the jail.  This division is tasked with the management of some the most crucial areas of the facility.  This division is also required to keep the inmate population at a manageable level.  This has become increasingly important in recent years due to the spike in the jail population.   We have been well above capacity for the past several years and with the help of all of our staff we can make sure of the safety and security of the inmates as well as staff members.  An overpopulated facility is much harder to manage which can impact officer and inmate safety which is our primary concern.

The Operations Division is also responsible for managing contract providers for things such as medical, commissary (jail store), and kitchen.  This area also encompasses Receiving and Discharge, transport and our Records Unit.  They also have the very important task of ensuring that we maintain our accreditation through both the ACA and NCCHC accrediting agencies.

Last year, the Operations division processed over 18,000 individuals that were arrested last year.


Through diligent on-going efforts by all staff, this facility has maintained accreditation of our Corrections Bureau by the American Correctional Association since 1989. Presently we are one of only two facilities in the State of Georgia to hold accreditation.

Achieving and maintaining this accreditation distinguishes this Department as operating under the highest standards set in the nation for Correctional facilities. Lt. P. Green-Scott is presently assigned as our Accreditation Manager.


Our highly competent and trained personnel in the Engineering Department work diligently to maintain all security equipment i.e.: locking mechanisms, cameras, monitors, heating, air conditioning, grounds maintenance and numerous other duties required to keep this facility operating in a smooth, efficient and secure manner.

The Engineering Section is presently supervised by Jim Baxter.