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Operation New Hope

Operation New Hope

Operation New Hope (ONH) is a partnership program between the Chatham County Sheriff's Office and various animal rescue organizations throughout the area. The program gives unadoptable dogs in our community a second chance and helps rehabilitate inmates in the Chatham County Detention Center.

Operation New Hope selects dogs from Chatham County Animal Services and other participating rescue agencies for the ONH program based on their individual needs. Each dog completes a training course partnered with inmates becoming kennel tech certified. Low-risk inmates care for and train the dogs while learning rehabilitative skills to further their personal and professional development.

Inmates that complete the Operation New Hope program earn job related certification verified through the Chatham County Detention Center. The skills acquired during their incarceration provide opportunity for employment and success once released from jail.

The dogs learn several obedience lessons, such as becoming housebroken and crate trained. These skills aim to make the dogs more appealing to families looking to adopt a new pet. All dogs receive AKC/CGC certification, awarded by the Operation New Hope facility director, Jennifer Messer.

All jail programs are funded by the Inmate Welfare fund, no tax dollars are used.

Learn more about our Operation New Hope Program

Handlers, Trainees, and Graduates