Public Information Office & Community Relations  

The mission of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Office is to ensure that the community is kept informed in a timely manner about current events, programs and news. The Public Information Officers are the official spokespersons for the department relating to inquiries from the media and other various sources.

Chatham County Sheriff Al St Lawrence recognizes that an important and essential building block of a law enforcement agency is open communication with the public it serves. Sheriff St Lawrence firmly believes this will ensure the confidence, respect and trust of the citizens of Chatham County.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office will continue to maintain a close relationship with the residents of the Savannah metropolitan area and the media. This website will allow us to reach out “on-line” to disseminate timely information about department-related activities, programs and newsworthy events that impact the community.  The Public Information Office will continue to provide information that is complete, accurate, and up to date.

Contact the Public Information Office at:
912.652.7613 or 912.652.7682

Assistant Public Information Officer  

Deputy Robert P. Lipovsky

Assistant Public Information Officer

As the newest member of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Office, I would like to thank the Administration and Gena Bilbo for affording me this opportunity.

I began with the Sheriff’s Office in January 2012 after retiring from the US Army in late 2011. While serving in the military, I had trained or been stationed in Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska while deploying to locations like Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq. The military gave me the ability to do and see things I would not have been able to otherwise and instilled in me the desire to serve my country and community.

Since coming to the Sheriff’s Office I have been working in the Corrections Department at the jail. I started with the intake unit where I learned to work a wing and how to interact with the inmates. When the expansion opened, I moved to the new units and continued to work the wings. I then moved to Receiving and Discharge where I learned the procedures involved in booking in new arrestee’s and releasing them. In September of 2014, I graduated from the Police Academy in Garden City and was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff. July 2015, I took this position as Assistant Public Information Officer and look forward to working with the community, promoting positive relations and supporting our youth.